From the Workshop - Penny Black Stamp No 1 -SYD002

I told you earlier, that the second round of  Penny Black Project has started. The first stamp was due this Saturday. The task was to create a 2 cent stamp with feature colour red. I submitted the 2 cent Koala stamp above. Check out the other entries on the Penny Black Project Blog
My favourite so far is the three dimensional collage by Jillian Hodgson.

I have also been busy on a few other things. I entered the Project Selvedge competion and I designed a litttle something for the goodie bag for the ABCD Meetup in Sydney later this week. I will tell you more about this soon.


Inspiration BS001 – things organized neatly

overheated by Marcel van Heist
Did you here about this wonderful collection of images already?
things organized neatly is a truly poetic project where people can submit images of little collections, disassembled objects, everyday items or anything else that is organized and arranged to form little still lives. They often tell small stories of incidents like this one where Marcel van Heist took a picture of some small parts that seem to be a broken bit of his coffee machine. I love this picture because it tells me this story of him, who obviously likes his coffee and seems to have been very touched by the breaking down of his machine, so he started to make this little commemoration of it.

Or this picture here by Dan Bejar were he kept getting copies of his apartment key done. One after the other until in the end he was left with a key completely useless because of a recurring mistake in the process that kept getting bigger from copy to copy. This picture stuck to my mind because it is not only visually appealing, reminding me of landscapes, site models and even historic images of mechanical parts, but also tells a whole story about information and originality in a very simple and inspiring way.

the visual topography of a generation gap by Dan Bejar


From the Workshop BS002 – Designgipfel

After the nice experiences with design markets around Christmas I will try one around Easter as well.
Designgipfel is a small marked in M√ľnster/Germany organized by Katherina Lindenblatt and Anna Anastasova and it will take place on the 9th and 10th of April. We will be selling products from our line chunk on the desk and there will be a possibility to order your own customized catcher shelf.
While browsing through the list of participants I dicovered the wonderful printed t shirts by Silberfischer and the funky foldable slippers by designshot that i am very curious to discover in real live myself!
Hope to see you there!


Inspiration SYD001 - The Noun Project

Have you heard about The Noun Project?
It's a hopefully growing library of free symbols, beautifully designed and simple graphics. I had a good browse today and initially just wanted to show you a selection of the symbols I liked, but then I started to have some fun with them. You can download the symbols and easily put them into illustrator.  I downloaded a whole heap of them, arranging them to tell little stories.
A nostalgic Hello! to the home country. South German Brezel und Bier yumm!

and a woodland camping scene.
Most of the symbols that make up the two images are designed by The Noun Project crew. Some of them are in the public domain and where originally designed by the US National Park Service amongst others. 
I had to stop myself from downloading more. Maybe I could use them to create a short comic strip. There are a lot of medicine related images, maybe an episode of emergency room? What do you think?


Pinhole Photography Competition at Myrtle Street Studio

Who would have thought, 24th of April 2011 is World Pinhole Photography Day!

As part of this, Myrtle Street Studio in Brisbane is hosting a Pinhole Photography Competition.
Pinhole cameras are simple cameras that don't have a lens. You can easily make your own. Have a look at this tutorial here.
There are two categories in the Competition, Landscape and Object and there will also be a People's Choice Award. The competition is open to Australian and International participants. Email your images until the 14th of March, they will be printed and exhibited at Myrtle Street Studio form the 9th of March
Find all the details at Myrtle Street Studio
Check out the flickr pinholers group for inspiration