From the Workshop- Penny Black II- SYD001

Last year I took part in the Penny Black Project, organized by  Joanna of 'little ephemera empire'. She sent out a task every 6 weeks to design a postage stamp. In December the stamps were exhibited at Myrtle Street Studio in Brisbane.  And Jay Dee (the Gallery's owner) printed some of them as a limited edition on her letterpress printing press.
My 3Umbrellas, Thongs and BBQ print from Penny Black Project 1


From the Workshop – chunk on the desk - BS/001

© formfreunde 2011

In our column From the Workshop we would like to introduce you to our products, works and ideas.

First I would like to show you the line of products called Chunk on the Desk. These were my very first products that made it into a small serial production, and have been on the market for just over one year now.

It all started during my diploma, when I was working on a conceptual scheme for a primary school using cast concrete models as a very helpful design tool. During one of the long winter nights I spent in my studio at the university it hit me that Christmas was approaching and I had no presents yet. I took what was available and started casting a pencil tray to give away as a Christmas present. 

This was the start of a product line that now consists of several different items. Based on a seven centimetres grid they can be combined in multiple ways forming silhouettes that remind me of cityscapes, industrial buildings or even the harsh alpine mountains.