From the Workshop- Penny Black II- SYD001

Last year I took part in the Penny Black Project, organized by  Joanna of 'little ephemera empire'. She sent out a task every 6 weeks to design a postage stamp. In December the stamps were exhibited at Myrtle Street Studio in Brisbane.  And Jay Dee (the Gallery's owner) printed some of them as a limited edition on her letterpress printing press.
My 3Umbrellas, Thongs and BBQ print from Penny Black Project 1

Australian Animals will be a fun theme for this round. Native Animals are one of the most fascinating things to discover in a foreign country. I have spent hours watching kangaroos or echidnas that we stumbled upon.  Coming back from a weekend away being all exited about the ECHIDNA!!! I had spotted on the beach only got a lame reaction: 'Oh yeah? They are very common.' I had my revenge on said friend when he came back from a trip to Europe being all excited about having seen a SQUIRREL! Oh, well they are very common, and actually we had one living in the tree in front of our house, in Berlin,in Prenzlauer Berg, can't say that about the Echidna, can you?
I still have some Australian natives in my 'stash' of little drawings. I have used them on a grow chart for my nice. I might pull them out some other time.
For now I will start illustrating one of the most popular natives, the good old koala. Here is one that I spotted a while ago in a koala sanctuary. They are pretty lazy and sleep most of the time. In fact they move around so little that the sanctuary keepers put signs below the trees that have koalas in them, so we could see them better. So cute and fuzzy!

Oh and please don't pat them on the bum. Or smoke around them. Or smoke them.

I'll try to stick to this advice, and show you more, as the illustration emerges.

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