Three lines and a fold travels 001 - Buchstabenmuseum Berlin

I am back from my three week holiday in Germany. Three weeks of beautiful spring weather, hanging out with my most favourite Architects, lots of long chats with coffee and wine and a little bit of much missed European culture.

I spent a fair bit of time in Berlin and I finally managed to visit the Buchstabenmuseum and saw their collection of letters.
It is located in the 'Berlin Caree' building close to Alexanderplatz. This old shopping mall is a very unlikely building for a museum. Its full of slightly trashy GDR nostalgia shops including a a supermarket selling ex GDR products. The supermarket was frequented by quite a few pensioners, who looked like straight out of 'Goodbye Lenin' - bizarre.

The museum itself is located in what looks like a former tanning salon. The smallish rooms are crammed full with letters leaning against walls or piled up on the floor. They seem strangely obsolete and useless.

So many Ss, what to do with them?

Berliners might know the iconic 'Zierfische' sign, formerly advertising a fish shop at Frankfurter Tor was dismantled a while ago. It found its new home here as well as the ' Hauptbahnhof' sign formerly mounted on what is now called Ostbahnhof.

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