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A friend of mine lend me some of her Japanese grafik design books a while ago. Their titles are translated into quirky English and read 'Stamp Tour in the World' or ' Book Design of Graphic Designers in the world'. All the writing is in Japanese, so not much for me to read, but a lot of eye candy.
While Flicking through them the work of Pegge Hopper caught my eye. I had never heard of her before.
Pegge grew up and studied in the Usa. In the 60ies, she moved to Italy for two years and worked for La Rinascente, an Italian department Store. She designed a series of advertising posters for the company.
I love the bunny rabbit cum easter egg above. It looks like it has been torn out of paper and put together like a collage. The shapes are simple and bold in colour. She manages to paint a picture and tell a storey with very few lines.

Pegge Hopper later moved to Hawaii, where she lives until today. She became well known for her paintings of island women. These paintings are more detailed than her graphic work for Rinascente but they still are dominated by bold and simple shapes of single colour. Check out her website for more images. You can buy prints of her work in her online shop.

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