Inspiration BS002 – Armelle Caron

Armelle Caron - Anagrammes graphiques de plans de villes - Istanbul
Today I would like to show you a work by the french artist Armelle Caron. These beautiful maps of metropolis around the world caught my attention. It is simply facinating to see these mega structures broken down into their simple geometric forms which are then organized by shape and size into  a catalog.
I got caught not only by the simple graphics but also by the insights that suddenly were so simple to get. Half of New York for example consists of small rectangles one like the other, Montpelier has so little streets and Istanbul seems to have absolutely no system of organization but then the occurring shapes somehow look alike. 

Once i was intruiged by the maps i kept looking into her work and discovered a strange universe of fairytale like graphics, always in a very simple style sticking to one kind of a line, monochomatic but very surreal.
Armelle Caron - oiseaux en cage and aphrodite


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